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Changes to the ORDIT register

Train people to become driving instructors by joining the official register of driving instructor training (ORDIT) – including the assessments you have to pass.

How the scheme works

By law, you have to be an approved driving instructor (ADI) to charge money for driving instruction in a car.

You do not need an extra qualification if you also want to train driving instructors. However, you can join the voluntary official register of driving instructor training (ORDIT).

It’s run by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Joining it lets you:

  • prove you meet the DVSA standard to provide high-quality training
  • advertise yourself as a DVSA ORDIT trainer
  • have your details added to the GOV.UK service to find driving instructor training courses


To become an ORDIT trainer, you must:

  • be an ADI
  • have got a grade A at your latest ADI standards check (a grade A from your ADI part 3 test does not count)

You then need to pass an assessment of your training skills with DVSA.

Prepare for your assessment

Study these documents on GOV.UK:

You can also use books and software to help you prepare for your assessment:

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